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Calls to Action Campaign

Children and young people must be accorded greater priority and made more visible in all levels of government policy and planning. CiNI are calling for a Statutory Duty to Co-operate among Government Departments and Children’s Budgeting.

Calls to Action Campaign

The government of Northern Ireland functions by carving things up. Resources are carved up. Responsibilities are carved up. Each player in the Executive gets their own piece of the pie. Some things work well this way. Problems that fit neatly into one government department can be well managed and looked after. But problems that don’t fit neatly ... well, that’s something else.

Running things this way means that when situations are complex, or involve more than one area of responsibility, they don’t get the full attention they deserve and may not get the resources they need. The government’s response may be inadequate or incomplete.

The needs and aspirations of children and young people are compelling, but they are not tidy. They do not fall neatly or comfortably into pre-defined categories of Health, Education, Employment, Justice, Social Development, and so on. And sometimes, those needs get lost in the gaps between Government Departments.

Our Policy Calls to Action call for the following:

    • A Statutory Duty to Co-operate among Government Departments
  • Children’s Budgeting

You can view our Calls to Action booklet at the link below and tweet your support by using #policycallstoactionni

For more information on the Calls to Action please fill in the enquiry form highlighting Policy/CPIS as your chosen topic.

Policy Calls to Action

The Children's Bill

Policy Calls to Action

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