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Child Poverty Alliance

The Child Poverty Alliance (CPA) is currently chaired by CiNI. The CPA came into being in 2008 as a loose alliance of organisations to raise awareness of child poverty and to campaign to end child poverty within Northern Ireland.

Child Poverty Alliance

We are an inclusive coalition committed to campaigning for and addressing child poverty by working collaboratively with an evidence-based approach. 

The CPA has been constructive, pragmatic and solution focused based on the evidence of what will work. We have engaged directly with Government and elected representatives seeking to inform public policy and hold Government accountable for tackling child poverty. We continue to advocate publicly on behalf of families and children living in poverty so that policy makers will be more informed of the possible impact of their actions on children living in poverty.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Hold government to account for the application of its strategy and programmes to end child poverty in Northern Ireland
  • Produce an economic case for ending child poverty in Northern Ireland
  • Reframe and inform public understanding of child poverty and gain support for measures to support families

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Beneath the Surface: Child Poverty in Northern Ireland

Launch of Beneath the Surface: Child Poverty in Northern Ireland

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