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Children & Young People’s Strategic Partnership

The Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership (CYPSP) is the first and only partnership which brings together the leaders of agencies across the whole of NI to focus on every aspect of the lives of all our children and young people.


The CYPSP has four core themes: communicating with government, early intervention, resource optimisation and the integration of planning.

Locality Planning Groups are partnerships between children and young people, families, communities and representatives of agencies at a local level. They plan services in a very local area that makes sense to the children and young people. 

CiNI staff member Julie Bolton works as a Locality Development Officer and it is her role to establish, run and maintain a number of Children Service Planning Locality groups in the Southern Outcomes area. The locality planning groups are made up of a broad range of community, statutory and voluntary organisations with the remit for children and young people in the area. The groups aim is to improve the outcomes for children and Young People through a multiagency planning approach.

The groups use both the qualitative information from on the ground along with the quantative information provided on the CYPSP mapping system to identify were the gaps are in Children’s Services. Participation is carried out with local Young People to ensure their voice is included in decision making.

Some examples of work carried out are as follows;

  • Volunteer Fairs
  • Tooth Fairy Events
  • Family Fun and Information Days
  • Milkshake and Maths
  • Intergenerational Project
  • Christmas Crafts for Parents and Children Together

In addition to the Locality Planning Groups Five Outcomes Groups work in the same geographic areas as the Health and Social Care Trusts. They perform the integrated planning and provision of services for their geographic region.

A number of regional subgroups address the needs of specific groups of children and young people across Ireland.

Family Support Hubs work directly with children, young people and their families to make sure that they have easy access to preventative and early intervention services to meet identified need at the earliest possible stage.

For further information visit the CYPSP website via the link below.

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