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CiNI Professional Briefings


We have a launched a new series of Professional Briefings which provides informational videos on various relevant topics.

Briefing 1: "What is Child Abuse?"


Ciaran discusses the following:
- Definitions of Abuse
- Types of Abuse
- Signs of Abuse
- How to report concerns

Briefing 2: "What is a Designated Officer?"

Ciaran discusses the following:
- Definitions of Designated Officer role
- The key aspects of the Designated Officer Role
- The Child Protection Escalation Process
- What Designated Officers need to know

Briefing 3: "What is a UNOCINI?"

Ciaran discusses the following:
- Definition of UNOCINI and reason for its development
- When to use UNOCINI
- What is a child in need?
- How to use the UNOCINI referral form

We hope you find these useful. Keep an eye on CiNI's YouTube channel and website for further briefings and additional information. 

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