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End Child Poverty Coalition publish Child Poverty rates within the UK.


Figures released show that a third of children living in Northern Ireland are in poverty - these figures are likely to increase showing the importance of our Ending Holiday Hunger programmes.

The End Child Poverty Coalition has published figures providing child poverty rates within the UK. A third of children living in Northern Ireland are in poverty. These numbers are likely to increase as the effects of welfare reforms hit families.

From our work with the most vulnerable children and families under our Holiday Hunger programmes we know families on low incomes are struggling to make ends meet and provide food to their children during periods when schools are on holiday. It is still the case that parents are forced to make impossible choices like whether to heat their homes or feed their children.

Pauline Leeson, Chief Executive of Children in Northern Ireland said:

"We need to end child poverty once and for all. We need help to upscale the working model we have implemented for ending holiday hunger and want commitment from government to invest in our programmes which we can show improves outcomes for children and young people and their families."

Further details of our holiday hunger project can be found here:

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