Welcome to the Parent Participation Service.  

The Parent Participation service recognizes the importance of designing services with parents using their voice and the skills of practitioners together to improve services. We understand the vital role that parents have in creating improved outcomes for children and families. We are here to support parents to influence the activities of the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership (CYPSP) and to support service providers to develop and improve co-production practice with parents.  

How will we do this? 

Direct Participation –  by supporting parents to become directly involved in the work of the CYPSP through our ‘Passionate Parents Fora’. 

Enabling Engagement – by supporting parent support staff our ‘Parent Champions’ to engage directly with CYPSP. 

Developing Relationships –  by nurturing relationships through transparency, trust, equality and kindness. 

Developing Capacity – within organisations to engage with parents through training and awareness of best practice in parental participation. 

Promotion of Best Practice – by  keeping informed of best practice in parental engagement and share learning through co-production events.  

Innovation – by using a range of innovative methods to deliver parental participation.  

For more information please contact: 

june@ci-ni.org.uk – Head of Service 

michelle.west@ci-ni.org.uk – Parent and Community Engagement Practitioner 

michelle@ci-ni.org.uk – Parent Participation Worker 

Visit the CYPSP website for more information on Parent Support and Participation, and links to related services

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