The CiNI policy team advises policymakers on law, policy and practice relating to children and young people. Some of the policy work we do includes:

  • Providing advice and consultation responses on policies
  • Giving advice and evidence to Assembly Committees
  • Meeting with practitioners and policy makers to discuss issues affecting children and young people
  • Undertaking consultations with children and young people and representing their views to Government and the Northern Ireland Assembly

Our library of policy submissions can be found below

Response to the Department of Finance consultation on changes to Marriage Law, February 2022

Period Products (Free Provision) Bill Written submission to the Education Committee, January 2022

Equal Protection Joint NGO briefing – November 2021

Children and Young People’s Strategy

Education Authority Review of Residential and Outdoor Education

Evidence to All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Hunger

Strategy for Looked After Children

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority Draft Corporate Strategy 2017-21

Children’s Budgeting

Delivering Social Change for Children & Young People

Priorities for Social Investment Funding Groups

OFMDFM Committee on Childcare Consultation

Key Issues for Heenan Anderson Commission