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Parentline NI

Parents, carers, family members...if you need us we're here. Call Parentline NI today for advice, support or guidance. Freephone 0808 8020 400

parentlinesquare When can I call?

Parentline NI is open from 9am to 9pm Monday to Thursday, 9-5pm Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday. Our Service is available through a range of different channels including telephone, face to face and online.
Call us for FREE on: 0808 8020 400
Chat online: start a webchat using the chat window below

You can also call and leave a message outside of our opening hours, and we will get back to you within 2 working days.

How much does it cost?
Parentline NI is a free service and freephone number.

What you can expect from Parentline NI
Who answers the calls?

Calls to Parentline NI are answered by qualified and experienced staff. . Our team is selected for having qualities that include good listening skills, empathy and a commitment to putting children and families first. Before answering calls our staff receive specialist training which including child protection, domestic violence, substance use and mental health issues. Our staff are also kept up to date with research on parenting and child development.
What will the Parent Support Worker ask me about?

Our team will listen to you together explore your situation, concerns and anxieties. Our advisers can help you with a wide range of parenting related issues. Last year the top 5 presenting issues were: child behaviour, child contact issues, teenage behaviour, separation and family tensions. We can offer useful resources and things you can do suited to meet your needs. We may also suggest referrals to services in your area.
You can call as many times as you need and likewise we might agree a call back to ensure you’ve been able to progress your situation and offer further support if required.
Where appropriate face to face support can be arranged.

What happens to my information?

Parentline NI is a confidential service, for contact, service delivery and reporting purposes we collect minimum personal information. This data is used only for the purpose of which it is collated, it is stored securely and destroyed in line with our data retention and disposal policy.
We are committed to ongoing service improvement and from time to time a supervisor may listen to calls to quality assure the engagement. We are informed by you and therefore collate the types of issues you require support with building resources and referral pathways to improve ease of access to information and services. Any information used in report writing and case studies will be completely anonymised as will any statistical information reported.
While confidentiality is guaranteed there are certain exceptional circumstances in which an advisor may be under legal or ethical duty to disclose information. These exceptional circumstances are in place to ensure your safety and the safety of others and to comply with legislation.
The specific circumstances include:
• When an advisor has good grounds for believing that a person may cause serious harm to themselves or others.
• When a person disclosed criminal activity or knowledge of criminal activity, this includes other statutory obligations
• When it is necessary to uphold Child Protection Legislation.

Feedback on Parentline NI
We value your feedback on our service. If you wish to comment on our service or we could have done something better please tell us as we want to make sure we provide the best possible service to those who call Parentline NI. You can give feedback by email to:

If you feel unhappy with an experience you have had with Parentline NI it is important that you tell us so we can make any improvements needed.
In line with our complaints policy when we receive your complaint, we will:
• let you know in writing within five working days that we have received it
• investigate your complaint
• write to you with the outcome of the investigation, normally within 20 working days (if there is a delay beyond this we will explain the reasons and provide you with a revised timescale).

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